Cleft palate

R analysis
id Study   Lib. in paper Exposition period    Study type  Control type 
Tags OR 95%CI x1/n1 x0/n0 no cases no exposed ROB Ref.
Choi a, 2023 Cleft palate 1st trimester retrospective cohort (claims database) unexposed, sick Adjustment: Yes 0.97 [0.53;1.78] 11/12,516   2,281/2,655,676 2,292 12,516
Total 1 studies 0.97 [0.53;1.78] 2,292 12,516
x1: number of endpoints among exposed, n1: number of exposed; x0: number of endpoints among non exposed, n0: number of non exposed; C: calculated odds ratio from numbers of events and effectives

Forest plot

StudyTE95% CIn casesn exposedweightROBABCDEF Choi a, 2023Choi a, 2023 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,5160%ROB confusion: moderateROB selection: lowROB classification: moderateROB missing: unclearROB mesure: NAROB reporting: NA0.22.01.0ROB: A: confusion, B: selection, C: classification, D: missing, E: measurement, F: reportinglow,moderate,serious,critical,unclear,

Sensitivity analysis

SubsetTE95% CIn casesn exposedkI2 Type of studies cohort studiescohort studies 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,516 -NAChoi a, 2023 1 case control studiescase control studies 0 Type of controls unexposed, sickunexposed, sick 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,516 -NAChoi a, 2023 1 Tags Adjustment   - Yes  - Yes 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,516 -NAChoi a, 2023 1 All studiesAll studies 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,516 -NAChoi a, 2023

Publication bias and p-hacking diagnosis

funnel plot

Funnel plot not drawn. Less than 3 points.

Asymetry test p-value = NaN (by Egger's regression)

not enought points

p values plot

Funnel plot not drawn. Less than 3 points.

Sub-groups analysis using all included studies


Sub-groupsTE95% CIn casesn exposedkI2ROB type of controls unexposed, sick controlsunexposed, sick controls 0.97[0.53; 1.78]2,29212,516 -NAChoi a, 2023 10.510.01.0