Tenofovir (all routes except local)


R analysis
id Study   Lib. in paper Exposition period    Study type  Control type 
Tags OR 95%CI x1/n1 x0/n0 no cases no exposed ROB Ref.
Pan, 2016 Hypospadias late pregnancy excluded randomized controlled trial unexposed, sick Adjustment: Randomisation Control group: Unexposed, sick Exposed group: TDF (only) Indication: CHB 0.31 [0.01;7.59] C
excluded (exposition period)
0/95   1/88 1 95
Total 0 studies NaN [NaN;NaN] 0 0
x1: number of endpoints among exposed, n1: number of exposed; x0: number of endpoints among non exposed, n0: number of non exposed; C: calculated odds ratio from numbers of events and effectives

Forest plot

Sensitivity analysis