Carbimazole, Thiamazole (Methimazole)

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  individual studies
OutcomeTE95% CIn casesn exposedkPub. bias All congenital malformations (majors, minors, majors and minors, or unspecified) 121.41[1.14; 1.74]249,1054,750low Major congenital malformations 61.85[1.20; 2.85]1341,846serious Genital anomalies 31.11[0.75; 1.63]25,7662,856not evaluable Respiratory system anomalies 31.62[1.11; 2.37]15,9982,856not evaluable Urinary malformations 31.69[1.08; 2.67]17,6452,856not evaluable Carbimazole embryopathy 614.62[10.40; 20.55]2,3164,301not evaluable Eye defects 22.38[1.21; 4.71]2,4931,736not evaluable Congenital heart defects 31.73[1.40; 2.15]77,4052,856not evaluable Limb defects 30.85[0.65; 1.12]74,5332,856not evaluable Digestive system anomalies 32.99[2.05; 4.36]15,2732,856not evaluable Severe congenital heart defect 20.87[0.25; 3.03]7391,311not evaluable Abdominal wall defects 25.44[2.63; 11.23]9331,736not evaluable Ear, face and neck anomalies 20.58[0.08; 4.33]9121,736not evaluable Nervous system anomalies 22.85[1.39; 5.87]5,8521,282not evaluable Syndromes and chromosomal abnormalities 21.16[0.62; 2.17]5,5531,736not evaluable Cardiac septal defects 11.87[1.14; 3.06]-1,097not evaluable Other congenital malformations (Q80-84) 22.32[0.38; 14.27]2,0221,736not evaluable Ear malformations 19.60[0.19; 485.50]-162not evaluable Omphalocele 211.60[3.61; 37.27]1601,311not evaluable Situs inversus 25.49[0.58; 51.80]251,311not evaluable Ano-rectal atresia and stenosis 10.77[0.07; 8.55]31,231not evaluable Aortic valve atresia/stenosis 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Aplasia cutis congenita 123.36[1.33; 409.42]71,231not evaluable Atresia of bile ducts 11.55[0.10; 24.79]21,231not evaluable Atresia or stenosis of other parts of small intestine 14.65[0.19; 114.23]11,231not evaluable Atrial septal defect 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Brachydactyly 11.55[0.03; 78.10]-1,231not evaluable Choanal atresia 225.89[7.52; 89.13]11992not evaluable Chromosomal abnormalities 10.32[0.02; 6.82]2124not evaluable Cleft lip with or without cleft palate 10.31[0.01; 6.45]21,231not evaluable Club foot / Talipes equinovarus 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Congenital cataract 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Congenital hydronephrosis 14.65[0.19; 114.23]11,231not evaluable Diaphragmatic hernia 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Down syndrom / Trisomy 21 12.33[0.39; 13.94]51,231not evaluable Eye, ear, face and neck malformations 11.00[0.37; 2.69]9,4471,120not evaluable Hypospadias 11.55[0.03; 78.10]-1,231not evaluable Intestinal malrotation 10.22[0.01; 4.28]31,231not evaluable Multicystic renal dysplasia 11.55[0.10; 24.79]21,231not evaluable Oesophageal atresia with or without tracheo-oesophageal fistula 17.76[0.37; 161.69]21,231not evaluable Oro-facial clefts 10.72[0.10; 5.14]3,4471,120not evaluable Other congenital malformations (Q80 to Q99) 11.91[0.95; 3.83]10,0311,120not evaluable Patent ductus arterious 113.98[0.75; 259.95]41,231not evaluable Pulmonary artery stenosis 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Skeletal dysplasia 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Spina bifida 14.65[0.19; 114.23]11,231not evaluable Sturge-Weber syndrome 14.65[0.19; 114.23]11,231not evaluable Syndactyly 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable Tetralogy of Fallot 14.65[0.19; 114.23]11,231not evaluable Transposition of the great vessels 10.52[0.02; 12.68]11,231not evaluable0.0100.01.0